Confessions from Householdsix

Amanda from Confessions from Householdsix decided she wanted to move from blogger to wordpress.  Along with the move, she was ready for a new look as well.  I went with Amanda’s personality and blog title to create her new header.  I personally think it is a great match and works for her site.  She pretty much gave me full creative freedom, I love that! From what I can tell she is liking her switch to wordpress and is quickly getting the... [Read More...]

My Kinda Rain Made the Jump!

Lori, at My Kinda Rain, decided to make the jump from blogger to wordpress and wanted to start fresh with a brand new design!  Keeping the same color theme of her original site will make the change a more familiar place to her readers. We found a stock image that she loved, but the family just wasn’t quite right to represent her family.  I changed it up and now it is perfect!  Lori loves her new look and is excited about being on her own... [Read More...]

Womb At the Innsane!

First of all, I have to tell you how much I love the title of this site and how awesome Kadi is!  She truly keeps it 100% real and she rocks!  She came to me for a new design…one that is her!  At first she was opposed to using her images, but I begged and begged!  She sent me her gorgeous pin-up photos and I messed with them til they were the look I had in my head.  I put it all together leaning towards a comic book or pulp novel type... [Read More...]

Saturday and Sunday Only, $15 Headers!

October 3 and October 4, 2009 I am running a special for $15 Headers!  If you need stock images you must purchase separately.   I offer a quick turnaround.  I will send you a proof and you get one chance for changes if needed.  Contact me as soon as possible, I will try to fit in as many as I can.  Ideally I would love to complete about 15!  What are you waiting for….contact me now!  Read More →

The Review Broads

I had heard that The Review Broads were looking for a new header.  They said they wanted something that looked like the cover of a pulp novel.  I wanted to do it so bad and was hoping they would choose me for the work!  Guess what!!!????!  They picked me to do it!  I had so much fun with this design.  I need to do a matching button still.  I think it’s fantastic and different!  Read More →


Tori over at wanted to step things up with her site.  She wanted to move from Blogger to a self hosted Wordpress site. She also wanted a totally new look that was all her own!  She told me orange was her favorite color and that her hubby was a cop.  She was the brat and he was the angel.  This is what we came up with.  Read More → Header

I was contacted by Alaina Frederick to create a header for her new website.  She said she wanted something girly, without being too girly.  I took her chosen colors and created this awesome header.  It hit the nail on the head!  If you need a new header please contact me and we can get it done right! Check out Alaina’s other sites below:  Read More →

3 Minute Headers

3 new websites being launched needed headers.  They needed to match like pieces in a puzzle.  Professional and sharp was the look needed here!  These headers were created with a super fast turnaround with matching buttons. 3 Minute Websites Headers  Read More →