My Kinda Rain Made the Jump!

Lori, at My Kinda Rain, decided to make the jump from blogger to wordpress and wanted to start fresh with a brand new design!  Keeping the same color theme of her original site will make the change a more familiar place to her readers. We found a stock image that she loved, but the family just wasn’t quite right to represent her family.  I changed it up and now it is perfect!  Lori loves her new look and is excited about being on her own... [Read More...]

Womb At the Innsane!

First of all, I have to tell you how much I love the title of this site and how awesome Kadi is!  She truly keeps it 100% real and she rocks!  She came to me for a new design…one that is her!  At first she was opposed to using her images, but I begged and begged!  She sent me her gorgeous pin-up photos and I messed with them til they were the look I had in my head.  I put it all together leaning towards a comic book or pulp novel type... [Read More...]

3 Minute Website’s Buttons

There was a need for matching buttons for all of the “3 Minute” websites as well.  Pictured here are the buttons we created for them from different puzzle pieces, showing the site visitors, that it all fits together to build results. 3 Minute Website Buttons  Read More →

3 Minute Headers

3 new websites being launched needed headers.  They needed to match like pieces in a puzzle.  Professional and sharp was the look needed here!  These headers were created with a super fast turnaround with matching buttons. 3 Minute Websites Headers  Read More →

A Truly Outstanding Woman

This image was created for the new Briefcase Diva website.  It will be in the sidebar for linking to a serious of encouraging articles about women.  The idea was to have a very feminine graphic that still matched the rest of the website. A Truly Outstanding Woman  Read More →

Briefcase Diva Header

The ladies over at Briefcase Diva were looking for a new look for the new site.  The new site is not finished yet, but as soon as it is I will link it here so you can see how the header looks in place. Our goal was to encompass what the Diva is and I really feel we got it! Briefcase Diva Header  Read More →

Big Wheel Bitches Website

These chicks are unique and different and needed a blogger design that showed that.  Bright colors and Zebra print, what could be better?  Obnoxious in an awesome way for sure.  If you want something unique, Stitchblade can  handle it! Big Wheel Bitches Website  Read More →

‘Cuz I Felt Like It!

Jessica, the writer of “‘Cuz I Felt Like It!“, loves Tokidoki!  She was looking to totally change her blog.  We were able to create this one of a kind Blogger theme for her.  So… just like Jessica, her blog is now one of a kind. 'Cuz I Felt Like It!  Read More →

Vintage Yellow Apron Dress

These Corset back Apron Dresses are so cute and versatile.  They can be worn alone as a top, over a short sleeve shirt with shorts or even over jeans and a turtle neck.  Lace up corset style back let’s you get more use for your buck with being adjustable in size and useful through all seasons! Yellow Apron Dress  Read More →

Vintage Yellow Pinafore

This gorgeous pinafore was made from a vintage bed sheet. Yellow Pinafore  Read More →

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