For The Love of Baby Makeover!

Jenna from “For The Love of Baby” is a tattooed mama just like me.  Her site look didn’t go with her personality at all.  I was soooo happy to hear from Jenna saying she wanted me to design her a new header.  She gave me creative freedom…my favorite way to work!  I am thrilled with how it turned out!  Thanks Jenna for choosing me for your Header and Button Design!  Read More →

Business & Learning Conference Room Button

Yesterday we gave the ladies at Business & Learning an updated look for the Conference Room button that they use to advertise.  It’s fresh looking and we really think it suits the purpose well.  Need your own Ad Graphics?  Use the contact form and let’s talk!  Read More →

3 Minute Website’s Buttons

There was a need for matching buttons for all of the “3 Minute” websites as well.  Pictured here are the buttons we created for them from different puzzle pieces, showing the site visitors, that it all fits together to build results. 3 Minute Website Buttons  Read More →

A Truly Outstanding Woman

This image was created for the new Briefcase Diva website.  It will be in the sidebar for linking to a serious of encouraging articles about women.  The idea was to have a very feminine graphic that still matched the rest of the website. A Truly Outstanding Woman  Read More →

Giggle Talk Radio Button

Here is another design done for Alaina of Giggle Talk Radio.  She was in need of an advertising button to use on other pages.  We captured her classic family feel with this retro look. Giggle Talk Radio Button She also was in need of an image to place in ad space on her own site, which is what we have below: Giggle Talk Ad Apot  Read More →