Zonie Mama Blogger Makeover

Jenn from Zonie Mama was looking for a new blog look.  She wanted something more functional and uncluttered.  She also wanted something to reflect the place she loves.  She chose to model her blog after an Arizona Sunset.  It turned out beautifully!  Read More →

My Kinda Rain Gets a New Look

Lori, the blogger behind “My Kinda Rain” was needing a more functional blog with a look that matched her style.  Stepping up her blog look will help her step up her blogging!  The streamlined and organized look will help keep readers on her site longer. The addition of a template with tabbed browsing will help her keep important posts ready and available for readers.  Need your own blogged stepped up and dressed up?  Or maybe you want... [Read More...]

Blogger Makeover

The winner for the Bloggy Giveaway for the Blogger makeover was Erika Lynn of “Kiss My Book”.  I had Erika show me what colors she liked and asked her a few questions about what she wanted in her new blog look.  She was really happy with what we came up with.  Check it out! Kiss My Book makeover  Read More →

Big Wheel Bitches Website

These chicks are unique and different and needed a blogger design that showed that.  Bright colors and Zebra print, what could be better?  Obnoxious in an awesome way for sure.  If you want something unique, Stitchblade can  handle it! Big Wheel Bitches Website  Read More →

‘Cuz I Felt Like It!

Jessica, the writer of “‘Cuz I Felt Like It!“, loves Tokidoki!  She was looking to totally change her blog.  We were able to create this one of a kind Blogger theme for her.  So… just like Jessica, her blog is now one of a kind. 'Cuz I Felt Like It!  Read More →