Video Game Villains

I was thinking back to the old school video games.  Before any online games were around.  Remember the villains? When I think of video game villians I think of things like the ghosts in Pac-man.  I remember how I felt when they all would speed up and I would start to panic.  It was great!  Oh and not to forget their appearance in Ms. Pac-man as well.  Those ghosts would stress me out! Another video game villain that sticks out in my head is... [Read More...]

What Would You Buy?

Today I was thinking about things I would like to have.  Like if money were no option.  I can think of a bunch of things I would like to buy, but I’ll narrow it down to just 10! An SUV, preferably a Suburban so that we could fit the entire family in comfortably and travel. I would purchase land, lots of it.  Enough so that we could have a huge garden. I would build the home of our dreams, totally with a wrap around porch and a loft area. I... [Read More...]