The Days of Dial Up are Over!

Ugh, I remember the days of dial up.  It truly made being online not an enjoyable experience!  Thankfully you don’t have to put up with that annoyance anymore. Now you can have quick internet connections with t1 broadband.  If you plan on running an online business or blog, you pretty much need a fast internet connection that is reliable. I mean it’s kind of hard to reach deadlines and keep up with customer orders if your internet connection... [Read More...]

Video Game Villains

I was thinking back to the old school video games.  Before any online games were around.  Remember the villains? When I think of video game villians I think of things like the ghosts in Pac-man.  I remember how I felt when they all would speed up and I would start to panic.  It was great!  Oh and not to forget their appearance in Ms. Pac-man as well.  Those ghosts would stress me out! Another video game villain that sticks out in my head is... [Read More...]

Confessions from Householdsix

Amanda from Confessions from Householdsix decided she wanted to move from blogger to wordpress.  Along with the move, she was ready for a new look as well.  I went with Amanda’s personality and blog title to create her new header.  I personally think it is a great match and works for her site.  She pretty much gave me full creative freedom, I love that! From what I can tell she is liking her switch to wordpress and is quickly getting the... [Read More...]

What Would You Buy?

Today I was thinking about things I would like to have.  Like if money were no option.  I can think of a bunch of things I would like to buy, but I’ll narrow it down to just 10! An SUV, preferably a Suburban so that we could fit the entire family in comfortably and travel. I would purchase land, lots of it.  Enough so that we could have a huge garden. I would build the home of our dreams, totally with a wrap around porch and a loft area. I... [Read More...]

My Kinda Rain Made the Jump!

Lori, at My Kinda Rain, decided to make the jump from blogger to wordpress and wanted to start fresh with a brand new design!  Keeping the same color theme of her original site will make the change a more familiar place to her readers. We found a stock image that she loved, but the family just wasn’t quite right to represent her family.  I changed it up and now it is perfect!  Lori loves her new look and is excited about being on her own... [Read More...]

Building a Business Website

As you take your business to the web it is important to thoroughly think it through and research it. You want to find a company that offers web site design and development services that can set you up the right way to avoid mistakes that can cost you business. NGKSoft is a New York, NY web design company specializing in website design, advanced web programming, e-commerce systems and search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO is very important for... [Read More...]

Womb At the Innsane!

First of all, I have to tell you how much I love the title of this site and how awesome Kadi is!  She truly keeps it 100% real and she rocks!  She came to me for a new design…one that is her!  At first she was opposed to using her images, but I begged and begged!  She sent me her gorgeous pin-up photos and I messed with them til they were the look I had in my head.  I put it all together leaning towards a comic book or pulp novel type... [Read More...]

So, You Want Your Own Website?

Many people are moving their business’s online to keep costs down.  Others are thinking about it, but have no idea where to start.  The first thing you need is an idea and a good graphic designer(this is where I come in!) that “gets” what you need.  If you can’t communicate with them, then you probably won’t end up with the look you were going for. Next you’ll need to decide what kind of site you want to have. ... [Read More...]

The Review Broads

I had heard that The Review Broads were looking for a new header.  They said they wanted something that looked like the cover of a pulp novel.  I wanted to do it so bad and was hoping they would choose me for the work!  Guess what!!!????!  They picked me to do it!  I had so much fun with this design.  I need to do a matching button still.  I think it’s fantastic and different!  Read More →


Tori over at wanted to step things up with her site.  She wanted to move from Blogger to a self hosted Wordpress site. She also wanted a totally new look that was all her own!  She told me orange was her favorite color and that her hubby was a cop.  She was the brat and he was the angel.  This is what we came up with.  Read More →

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