BWB Car Show/Concert Flyer

This flyer was created for a Concert/Classic Car/Bike show in Georgia.  The Artwork is by Nik Scarlett, who was kind enough to let it be used in the design.  Below you will find 2 Flyers created for the event.  The black and white flyer was created for print, and is featured in 2 issues of Prick Magazine (page 27).  Click thumbnail for larger version, then click again to go even larger. .gallery { margin: auto; } .gallery-item... [Read More...]

HIT & RUN T-Shirt Design

Last night we completed the design for the new HIT & RUN T-shirts.  The shirts should be available within the next month.  You will be able to purchase them from the band’s website when they are available.  Pictured below you can see how it will look on a Black shirt. Does your band need a new Shirt Design?  Flyer?  Album art?  Just contact us!  Read More →


This is a flyer that was done for an upcoming show with Agnostic Front and HIT & RUN.  The flyer was done for a booking agent in Dallas, Texas.  Easy to read information on a flyer that is very eye catching. Agnostic Front Flyer  Read More →

HIT & RUN Website

This is still a work in progress. HIT & RUN is a Dallas based band and they really needed a website. So, considering this is my husbands band…I took on the project. HIT & RUN website  Read More →

Hammerlock Flyer

Hammerlock was looking for an “Old West” feel for this event flyer.  We captured it perfect with this look of a Western Pulp Novel. Hammerlock Flyer  Read More →