Video Game Villains

I was thinking back to the old school video games.  Before any online games were around.  Remember the villains? When I think of video game villians I think of things like the ghosts in Pac-man.  I remember how I felt when they all would speed up and I would start to panic.  It was great!  Oh and not to forget their appearance in Ms. Pac-man as well.  Those ghosts would stress me out!

Another video game villain that sticks out in my head is Donkey Kong! That beast was hard to beat as he trough the barrels as you tried to save the girl.  To me that stuff was hard!  Now I look at all the video games kids are playing and find myself wondering how they handle it?  I was stressed by some lil ghosts and a gorilla.

More recently it has to be the zombies from Resident Evil.  Holy cow!  I never thought a video game could scare me.  This one did it.  I have a fear of zombies anyhow and to see those creatures coming after a character that represented me sure got my heart pumping.  Darn near panic attacks!   I would play this at the tattoo shop in Virginia and get scared…everyone laughed at me.  Those dudes were villains…totally evil!

What are your most memorable video game villains?