What Would You Buy?

Today I was thinking about things I would like to have.  Like if money were no option.  I can think of a bunch of things I would like to buy, but I’ll narrow it down to just 10!

  1. An SUV, preferably a Suburban so that we could fit the entire family in comfortably and travel.
  2. I would purchase land, lots of it.  Enough so that we could have a huge garden.
  3. I would build the home of our dreams, totally with a wrap around porch and a loft area.
  4. I would have a pool installed, maybe one that was semi enclosed, like with netted walls to keep the bugs away
  5. 4 Wheelers for the entire family!  Imagine the fun!
  6. A house in Texas for my mom and dad, they live all the way in Georgia.
  7. New bedroom sets for all the girls, Morgan wants Brown and Blue Polka Dots.
  8. A Jeep for Jeremy, he sold his to move us to Texas.
  9. A horse for Morgan, she has always wanted one and has a huge love for them.
  10. A hot tub for my poor aching body.

Wow, it was actually kind of hard to list 10 things!  There isn’t much we need, but many things that we want are very pricey.  It would take a lot of work and a lot of saving, aside from emergency loans, haha…anyone want to give me one?  What would you buy?